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PBS Kids Writer Contest

WXXI is hosting its annual PBS Kids Writers Contest and is accepting submissions now through April 3, 2015. more »

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9 Places to Experience March Maple Weekends

The month of March is the time to enjoy the annual Maple Weekends. More than 140 maple farms across New York State are inviting families to visit their farms and experience how maple sugar products are made. more »

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Brutal Boyfriends

A parent’s worst nightmare: Her teen daughter’s fairytale relationship has somehow spiraled violently out of control, and she doesn't seem to want to free herself from it. more »

Ages 12-17: Teens and Tweens

6 Places to Volunteer

Volunteering your time is one of the best ways to help a non-profit organization. There are so many places that need your help locally. more »

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Those Shoulder Flaps on Baby Onesies, Explained

Those folded envelope sleeves have a real headache-saving purpose. Have you always looked at those little folded over flaps on the shoulders of baby onesies and wondered what they were for? Chalked it up to a convenient design? more »

Rochester Baby Guide 2 Comments

Local Places where Kids Eat Free (or at least cheap)

Everyone loves a deal, and these local restaurants offer great fare with specials and extras that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. So where should you go? We've done some of the research for you; check out our picks. more »

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Open Houses

Don't miss out on your opportunity to visit your school of interest during an Open House Event. Meet the staff, tour the school and gain the information you need. more »



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