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Going Tech-Free at Camp

In our world of constant connectivity, some might argue that kids shouldn’t be expected to “unplug” for weeks on end. And yet most overnight camps are still tech-free zones. Why? Studies reveal there are good reasons for taking a tech break. more »


Independence Day Celebrations - Don't miss the Fun!

Downtown Rochester is a fantastic place to enjoy the Independence Day activities and fireworks but the Greater Rochester area offers many other places to enjoy the celebration as well. Here are our top picks. more »

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7 Community Supported Agriculture Farms (CSA)

If you're looking for fresh seasonal produce, finding a local CSA might be the perfect answer for you and your family. Some farmers include shares of eggs, homemade bread, meat, cheese, fruit, flowers or other farm products along with their veggies. more »

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Iroquois Corn Granola Bars

Made with Good Minds once again at Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, the Iroquois White Corn is now available for your own nutritious culinary creations. Healthy for you, healthy for Mother Earth. more »

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6 Places to Get Your Favorite Scoop of Ice Cream!

It's Ice Cream Season! With summer weather on its way, many ice cream parlors in the Greater Rochester area are open and waiting for you. So be sure to get out to at least one of these delicious places for a scoop… or maybe two! more »

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