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Young Audiences of Rochester - Summer Scholars

A montage of the classes, activities, & events of Young Audiences' Summer Scholars Program from Summer 2014 set to an original song created by the kids. more »

Businesses to Know

Rochester Area Farmer's Markets

Fall is still a prime season for many area farmers’ markets. These markets provide shoppers with easy access to fresh seasonal produce, delicious baked goods, locally made craft items and more in the Greater Rochester area. more »

Places to Go

6 Places to go Apple Picking

With fall coming up, now is the time to take the family apple picking! The whole family will love the gorgeous trees in full bloom with ripe fruit ready to pick and maybe to snack on along the fun journey! more »

Places to Go

Movie Review - Dolphin Tale 2

Things are picking up again as we head into fall – yay! New in theaters this week is a sweet dolphin tale the whole family will enjoy. more »


Kicking Off Kindergarten

For many parents, kindergarten signals an important transition from the all-consuming baby and toddler years. Suddenly, your "baby" is expected to make more choices on her own, stay focused over a longer period of time. more »

Ages 3-5: Preschoolers

Helping Kids Get Ahead

It is a natural instinct for parents to want to help their children succeed and to give them assistance when they are struggling. It is, however, an entirely different story when it comes to deciding how much extra help to give a child academically. more »

Parenting Tips

Preschool for Parents: 5 Tips for Making New Friends

Starting preschool can be a big transition for kids. Thankfully, there are plenty of articles focused on getting children ready for preschool and making the transition a good one. Where, though, is the guidance for preschool parents? more »

Ages 3-5: Preschoolers

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