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Our Commitment to YOU!

Rochester Business Ethics Foundation ETHIE AwardWe are aware that the Internet is a watershed of information. For parents in search of information whether it is addressing parenting issues, looking for dance or music lessons, finding the right medical care or just wanting to figure out what to do with the kids you can quickly be in data overload. 

Since 1994, when the first issue of Genesee Valley Parent Magazine was printed, our commitment to the families in the greater Rochester area has been to be your #1 trusted resource. Adding in our web site to become a multi-media outlet has not changed that commitment to you. 

Stories are chosen based on editorial merit and relevance to our readers. Paid or advertorial articles that are masked as editorial are not included in either print or on the web. When questionable, these products are clearly marked as editorial. 

In addition, Genesee Valley Parent Magazine follows the strict guidelines established by the Parenting Media Association.

We are always interested in your thoughts on how to make GVP the best and ecourage all comments.

Regards & Happy Parenting,

Barbara Melnyk, Publisher 


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