• study strategies

    6 Study Stations That Spell School Year Success

    Help the students in your household develop good study habits and tackle their homework with confidence by creating at least one of these well-stocked study stations within your home. more

  • Transitioning to new school

    Transitioning to a New School

    Going back to school should be an exciting, adventure-filled experience. However, many children will find themselves in a new school in the fall. How can parents and educators help children? more

  • Start the school year

    Tips to Kick Off the School Year Right

    School bells will soon ring once again. Whether that comes as music to your ears or a bittersweet reminder that the free-spirited summer days are over, check out these tips from the pros to help your child enjoy a smart, happy start to school more

  • Homework

    Here Comes the Homework

    Homework is an important component of a child’s educational experience. To help families make the most of homework time, educators offer these tips. more

  • ar13-sleep-schedule.jpg

    Returning to a School-Year Sleep schedule

    If kids haven't transitioned back to school-year sleep habits, they're not ready for the first day. more

  • Test Anxiety

    Test Anxiety

    Test anxiety strikes students of all ages. As the season for final exams approaches, we asked an expert how parents can help their children cope with the nervousness, sleep loss, and loss of confidence that test-taking can produce. more

  • fun lunch idea

    5 Tricks to Make your Kids' Lunches Fun

    No parent wants to prepare a lunch only to have parts of it end-up in the trash, so smart moms and dads are using simple strategies to take the brown bag lunch to a new level. more

  • Choosing Community College

    Images courtesy of Monroe Community College

    Choosing Community College

    Both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have publicly recognized the value of community colleges for young people. Why it may be a great choice for your child. more

  • Back to School

    Planning for Back to School

    Avoid scurrying around the last weeks of August and pulling things together for going back to school. Plan ahead and dodge the rush. more

  • Ranch Pimento Cheese Celery

    Ranch Pimento Cheese Celery Logs

    Keeping a stash of kid-friendly snacks handy is a sure-fire way to keep snack time manageable, while making sure kids don’t have a full afternoon meal, which would spoil their appetite for dinner. more

  • Getting sleep

    Sleep,Science,and Smarter Kids How Sleep Boosts Learning

    Want kids to bring home As? Start with more ZZZs. According to sleep experts and numerous new studies, lost sleep hurts learning and hinders school-day success. ... more

  • kids in kidergarten

    Kicking Off Kindergarten

    For many parents, kindergarten signals an important transition from the all-consuming baby and toddler years. Suddenly, your "baby" is expected to make more choices on her own, stay focused over a longer period of time. more

  • Civics in Our Schools

    Civics in our Schools

    A good civic education requires a strong factual foundation, along with the ability to analyze, question, and draw conclusions, similar skills used in math and science. more

  • Thrift Shop

    Thrifty - and Stylish - Options for Back-to-School

    Finally, secondhand clothing is hip! Here are some upcycling ideas to help reduce waste and help your pocketbook in local stores. more

  • backpacks

    Backpack Shopping 101: Tips to Avoid a Pain in the Neck

    Think the books and school supplies that your child is carrying in a backpack slung haphazardly across one shoulder are harmless? Think again. Heavy backpacks can cause long-term health problems when worn incorrectly more

  • child and parent

    Separation Anxiety:When YOU Need to Let Go

    Can you let go? That parents experience separation anxiety is one of those things that is seldom talked about so that the myth of our invulnerability can be maintained. In fact, parents often get it worse than kids. more

  • child eye exam

    Your Child's Vision Health

    Most professional organizations like the American Optometric Association (AOA) believe that kids should receive their first eye exam by the time they are three years old or, at the very latest, when they begin kindergarten and on a yearly basis. more

  • Students taking a test

    Open Houses

    Don't miss out on your opportunity to visit your school of interest during an Open House Event. Meet the staff, tour the school and gain the information you need. more

  • ar14-love-language.jpg

    Keep the Love of Language Alive

    Teachers across the country are changing instruction strategies to meet new curriculum standards. It’s a confusing time for both teachers and parents as everyone learns about the common core standards. more

  • lunch packing

    Lunch Packing: from Dread... to Doable

    Welcome to autumn, when the days get cooler, kids head back to school and parents everywhere commit themselves to packing nutritious, delicious lunches their kids will love. Until reality sets in. more