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Wickham Farms CSA

Wickham Farms, Penfield

If you're looking for fresh seasonal produce, finding a local CSA might be the perfect answer for you and your family. Some farmers include shares of eggs, homemade bread, meat, cheese, fruit, flowers or other farm products along with their veggies. more


I didn't want to start a compost bin, only to realize three months down the line that I didn't have the glamorous natural fertilizer of my dreams but gross coffee grounds and eggshells rotting in my backyard. more

Go Green

Don't Throw it Away - Recycle it! What would be more fun than these cute little Easter Critters Napkin Rings at your Easter dinner? The kids will beam from ear to ear when the adults admire their handiwork. more

Crafts & DIY

Five year old Aditi from Minneapolis, Minnesota made this Hop on Hop Off Bus from easily available items. This project is fun and you can use your own creativity to color and design the bus. more

Crafts & DIY

Kermit the Frog may think that it isn't easy being green, but you can have fun being green when you check out some of these ecology-minded places. more


Spring is the time when all the creepy crawly little creatures come out to explore. This Egg Carton Caterpillar is a fun and easy project that recycles old egg cartons. more

Crafts & DIY

Take care of our feathered friends with things like these Cardboard Tube Bird Feeders. They are inexpensive and easy to make so have the kids make a lot of them and watch the birds flock to your yard. more


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