Seasonal Activities

  • Christmas gifts

    Gifts kids can make

    Gifts that your kids can make this holiday season that won’t break their piggy banks (or yours!) more

  • AmandaCucchiaraLEADART.png

    In Search of the Best Donuts

    Witness this Webster woman’s serious, yet delicious, 10-year journey. more


  • Fireworks


    Fourth of July Holiday Weekend Festivities

    Looking for free family fun over the 4th of July holiday weekend? Here is a list of festivities in the Rochester area for July 1st-7th. more

  • re-pumpkin-mini-tarts

    Pumpkin Mini Tarts

    We've all heard that pumpkins are packed with nutrients- enjoy them in a new way with these mini tarts! more

  • Special Needs Holiday

    Have a Stress-free Holiday with Special Needs

    The gathering of friends and families are more likely to look like reindeer games than resting gentlemen. And, for families that have children with a disability, there is more planning that goes into a fun, peaceful holiday season. more

  • Teen holiday chores

    Holiday Chores for Teens

    ​Does your teen find every excuse in the book for why he is not available when it comes to doing chores? This can be very frustrating, especially during the holiday season when you need help from your teen the most. more


  • Holiday Baby

    Tips to Enjoy the Holidays with Your Newborn

    Having a baby over the holidays transforms the season from merely festive to utterly unforgettable. Sure, it can be exhausting and overwhelming. But it comes with built-in advantages. more

  • Salvation Armey

    A Local Mom shares her experience as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer

    It all began when my kids were very young. Whenever we’d pass someone standing by the bright red kettle, I’d give the boys some coins to deposit. The older they got, the more I’d tell them about why I thought it was important for us to do this. more

  • Holiday Stress

    Don't Let A Busy Holiday Schedule Wear Your Family Down

    Stress, short-tempers, and the seeming inability of the household to function smoothly are typical signals that you may have slightly overdone it in the commitments department. So, you overscheduled your family. more

  • Thanksgiving Dinner

    Four Tips to Surviving Thanksgiving with your Family

    It’s the time of year when extended families – who you may not see much during the year – come together and if popular culture is to be believed, many parents and their adult children look forward to the holiday with a mix of pleasure and worry. more

  • Teen Halloween

    Halloween Options for Teens & Tweens

    Teens don’t have to give up the holiday. There are plenty of ways teens can celebrate Halloween – without a can of Gillette! more

  • Toddlers for Halloween

    Halloween Tips for Toddlers

    Toddlers, ages two and three, are usually experiencing Halloween for the very first time. Although it is a whimsical holiday, it can also provoke a range of emotions including fear, insecurity and confusion. more

  • No Carve Pumpkin

    10 No-carve Approaches for Halloween Decor

    Maybe you grew up carving Jack-o-lanterns and you want your kids to follow in your footsteps. But why not try mixing things up this year? more

  • Painted Pumpkin

    10 unique ideas for pumpkin decorating

    After the candy and the dressing up, one of the best parts of Halloween is turning a pumpkin into something cool, crazy or scary. more

  • Halloween popcorn balls

    Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Popcorn Balls

    October is National Popcorn Poppin' Month and a time to celebrate Halloween...what better way to do both than to enjoy a Popcorn Halloween Treat? more

  • Halloween Candy

    Tricks For Getting Rid of Those Treats

    Halloween is fun and exhausting, like any good celebration. And like many good celebrations, it leaves behind cleanup work - only in this case, the cleanup issue in question is how to dispose of all that candy. If you've scratched your head over more

  • mask

    How to Make Nature & Animal Spirit Masks

    Halloween can be observed in meaningful ways without the horror hype. Celebration masks for the season are created gently by connecting our children with the nature. more

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