Just for You

Sometimes you just need to take a break and focus on yourselves. Whether it is getting away for a short time as a couple or learning to communicate, here are tips to focus some much needed time just on yourselves.

  • How Local Moms Connect

    How Rochester Area Moms are Building Friendships Online

    Nowadays, there are more resources than ever for new parents when it comes to addressing their parenting questions, and in the technological age, it’s no surprise that a majority of those new sources are online. more

  • Reconnecting with your spouse

    Reconnecting with your Spouse

    Our lives are filled to the brink with over-scheduling, over-extending, and pure exhaustion. It comes as no surprise that couples lose touch with one another. more

  • writing

    5 Resolutions to Keep

    Here are five obtainable goals for you and your family for the New Year. How can you use this list? more

  • ar1312-social-life.jpg

    30 days to a healthier social life

    Women who feel a balanced sense of connection are healthier and more resilient to stress, anxiety and depression. According to a recent Gallup poll, stay-at-home moms are more vulnerable to depression compared to women who work outside of the home, a more

  • ar1312-workout-buddy.jpg

    Find a Workout Buddy:

    Do you have the argument in your head every morning whether you're going to go to the gym or not? Do you think of every excuse why not to lace up your shoes and grab a jacket to go out for a quick walk? You may need a workout buddy. more

  • Tea Time

    Time for Tea

    When I think about my parenting, and all that I’ve done right and wrong, I am amazed to realize that that probably most central to raising successful children has had more to do with a cup of tea than most anything else. more