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Staying healthy is everyone's concern. And as a parent, you want to make sure everyone stays in the best health. Here our our tips and topics to help.


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  • Fit Family

    Family Fitness A to Z

    Keeping fit isn't just good for your health, it can be loads of fun and a great way to bond as a family. Here are a few ideas on how to work fitness into your family's summer routine. more

  • Time Change

    5 Ways to Prepare for the Time Change

    So, as many of you already know, it's that time of year again, time to "Fall Back". On November 6th, we will move our clocks back one hour. Although we will be gaining an hour of sleep, it can wreak havoc on your children’s sleep schedule more

  • Dental Visit

    Preparing Your Child for Dental Visits

    It is recommended children have their first dental exam by their first birthday, and their first dental cleaning by age two. But even before that first appointment, there are things parents can do to prepare their child for the visit more

  • Cold remedies

    Home Remedies for Cold Season

    Cold viruses are around us all the time but a well-nourished, unstressed body can easily fight off a virus before our immune system produces all those unpleasant symptoms like running noses, coughing, sneezing, fevers and more. more

  • Spring allergies

    Factors that influence the severity of allergy season

    While many people rejoice when the weather gets warmer, it's not always a pleasant time for everyone. Those who suffer from seasonal allergies know to expect difficulties around this time of year, but the severity of allergy season can vary. more

  • Natural Remedies

    Natural Remedies for Summer Complaints

    You've waited six long months for summer's return dreaming of days at the beach and pool, evening barbeques in the backyard, and having your kids playing outside. Suddenly, enjoying the good weather has taken a turn for the worst. more

  • snow safety

    Time to Think About Snow and Outdoor Winter Safety

    As winter season is here, now is the time to prepare for Rochester’s blustery season more

  • sleepy child

    5 Child Sleep Tips for the Daylight Saving Time Adjustment

    For most parents Daylight Savings Time in the fall does not mean an extra hour of sleep, it means children waking up an hour early. If we don't plan ahead and adjust our kids then it may mean a lot of early mornings and fussy overtired kids. more

  • food allergies

    What Parents Should Know about Food Allergies

    Over the last several decades, food allergies among children have risen, with peanut allergies quadrupling over the last 20 years. A recent study has reshaped what many physicians are recommending to their patients. more


  • child eye exam

    Your Child's Vision Health

    Most professional organizations like the American Optometric Association (AOA) believe that kids should receive their first eye exam by the time they are three years old or, at the very latest, when they begin kindergarten and on a yearly basis. more

  • herbs

    Natural Remedies for Family Health

    Which herbs and plants to most recommend for supporting natural health alternatives for themselves and their families?The list includes herbs you can grow yourself as well as wild-crafted "weeds." more

  • child with dentist

    Four ways to help your children achieve good dental health

    There are many children in American that face dental problems each year. More than a quarter of American children between the ages of 2 and 5, and half of children between 12 and 15 years old are affected by tooth decay, more

  • ar14-growth.jpg

    Onward, upward // from first steps to first apartment, here’s a guide to healthy growth and independence

    Experts say preparing children to become happy, successful adults starts long before kids leave the nest; in fact, children start learning self-confidence and self-reliance in infancy. Here’s how to foster your child’s budding independence, starting more

  • Tooth Fairy

    Time to Tango with the Tooth Fairy - Tips for when your child is ready to lose her baby teeth

    Like many parents, I wondered: what is developmentally normal when it comes to baby tooth loss; how does the tooth-obsessed fairy collect her pearly prizes; and what is the paying pixie's going rate for a baby tooth these days? more

  • girl with tomatoes

    Veggie Love: When your child goes vegetarian or vegan

    When my 13-year-old daughter said she wanted to go vegetarian, I told her that I thought a little meat would help keep her strong and healthy. more

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