Parenting Pointers

From your baby’s first cry until the day they head out on their own, life brings many challenges and joys. Here are some of the tips, and suggestions to make the journey an exciting one.

  • Parent Cliques

    Five Ways to Handle Parent Cliques

    Cliques among children typically begin forming between the third, fourth and fifth grades and usually settle in around the sixth grade. But long before kids decide who's in and out, parents may unintentionally influence their kids' social network. more

  • Fireman

    The Mother of Invention

    My ten-year-old son Brendan agonizes over his Halloween costumes for weeks in advance. This summer, after watching all six Star Wars episodes, he decided to dress up as Darth Vader for Halloween, and started assembling his costume in August. more

  • Connecting with your child

    Ways to Connect with Your Kids

    As parents, we have been hearing for years about the many benefits of family dinner. Unfortunately, non-traditional work schedules, extra-curricular activities and other necessary obligations make routine family dinners all but impossible for some. more

  • Not-so-perfect parent

    Resolutions for the Not-so-perfect Parent

    This year, instead of making resolutions about being a better parent, I decided to ponder a few resolutions on how to move past my imperfections and keep going on days I want to quit as a not-so-perfect parent. more

  • Goal setting with your child

    7 Ways To Teach Goal Setting

    We are living in an age of constant interruption. So when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals in the future, kids who learn how to concentrate and focus will have a distinct advantage over those who cannot. more

  • Cute Dog

    What to Consider before Adopting a Family Pet

    Before your family goes about adopting a new, four-legged member of the family, local animal shelters say there are several steps to follow to ensure long-term happiness, both for the family and for the pet. more

  • child and parent

    Separation Anxiety:When YOU Need to Let Go

    Can you let go? That parents experience separation anxiety is one of those things that is seldom talked about so that the myth of our invulnerability can be maintained. In fact, parents often get it worse than kids. more

  • Babysitters 101

    We’ve all suffered through it: Missing out on a party or a wedding because we couldn't find a reliable teenage babysitter. Is there a secret to locating that special someone your children enjoy, you trust, and who is also available on a Saturday... more

  • Saving for Baby

    It seems like not that long ago that my main concerns for my son were potty training and preschool. Suddenly, he's in middle school, and time is marching forward faster than I can say, "SATs, anyone?" College costs are marching along, too... more

  • kids and banking

    How to Teach York Kids Financial Literacy

    You teach them the value of hard work and the importance of telling the truth, how to be a loyal friend and a good citizen. But you might be overlooking one of the most important lessons you can teach your children to help ensure they do well in life more

  • Getting Ahead

    Helping Kids Get Ahead

    It is a natural instinct for parents to want to help their children succeed and to give them assistance when they are struggling. It is, however, an entirely different story when it comes to deciding how much extra help to give a child academically. more

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