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    High Falls Brown's Race District Communications Bureau, City of Rochester

    Stroller Friendly Walking Paths

    The Rochester area offers many beautiful parks. And there's nothing more invigorating than a nice walk outdoors but if you're pushing a baby stroller through a gravel pathway it can become a chore. more

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  • Out of Darkness

    Climb Out of the Darkness

    Giving birth to a child is supposed to be a joyous occasion. But what happens if, instead of feeling pride and exuberance over their new bundles of joy mothers instead experience feelings of panic, fear, and depression? more

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  • 3 Spray Parks For Little Ones

    The City of Rochester offers Spray Parks especially designed for the little ones, age six and under. So don't sweat the heat this summer, pack a lunch and head out to the spray park! Don't forget the sunscreen. more

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  • Choosing a doctor

    Finding Dr. Right - Choosing a Primary Care Provider

    First-time parents have so many decisions to make and often can get overwhelmed with well-meaning advice. One of those decisions is choosing a primary care provider (PCP) for your baby. more

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  • breastfeeding mom

    A New Mom’s Guide to Nursing in Public

    You survived childbirth and learned the art of a successful latch, but if you have decided to breastfeed your baby, there is one final frontier you will need to conquer: the art of nursing in public. more

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  • Camping With Your Baby

    Camping With Your Baby

    Camping with your baby can be fun and liberating, but also intimidating. This is for good reason; infants are complicated creatures, and sometimes it feels hard enough to meet their needs with a house full of resources, let alone on the road. more

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  • nicu

    Strategies for Coping when your Baby is in the NICU

    According to the March of Dimes Foundation, one in nine babies is born premature each year in the United States. When my own baby was born at 26 weeks, l learned firsthand how important self-care was during this difficult time. more

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  • pregnant woman

    Pregnancy in Your 20s, 30s & 40s

    There’s no “right time” to have a baby — but there are simple steps you can take to stay happy and healthy at every age and make the most of motherhood. more

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    Homemade Baby Oils & Salves

    Your baby’s skin is his or her largest organ and with all the newness of being in the world, it’s no wonder her exposure to it can show up in the form of eczema, rashes, and even pimples (the latter being primarily hormones). more

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  • Reading to Baby

    Reading to Babies

    It’s never too soon to read to your baby! Studies have proven that literacy skills can be developed starting at birth, and that parents are the most important influence in helping their children get ready to read. more

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  • dads

    Dad-chelor Parties

    Baby showers – celebrating Mom and baby – have been around for ages, but what about honoring Dad? Fear not, a new trend has entered the market… one that celebrates the father-to-be: Dad-chelor parties more

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  • baby sleep

    Hello, Baby... Goodbye, Sleep

    Along with the many surprises of early parenthood, many new parents find themselves puzzling over their baby’s sleep patterns. Is she sleeping too much? Is it normal for him to feed so much at night? more

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    Bringing Home Baby - Can a postpartum doula help?

    The initial six weeks after a newborn arrives can be a mixture of happiness and anxiety as moms settle into a new routine. A postpartum doula can provide experience and valuable support that a new mother may be missing. more

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  • baby with pacifier

    Parting with the Pacifier - How to Break the Habit

    Whether they’re crystal clear, neon-bright, or covered in rhinestones, pacifiers are the modern baby’s accessory of choice. more

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  • Baby Blues

    More Than Baby Blues

    Most women experience some form of postpartum mood disturbance following the birth of their child. For many, the symptoms are mild. But a small percentage of mothers go on to develop depression. more

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  • letter to mom

    9 True Cliches about Motherhood

    As part of our global sisterhood, moms can relate to certain universal truths about motherhood, even as all of this advice starts to sound cliched. Here are a few truths that not only help with life in general, but with parenthood in particular more

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  • Pregnant woman

    Gestational Diabetes: Testing During Pregnancy Helps

    As if morning sickness and swollen ankles weren't enough, pregnancy changes the way insulin works. Some women develop gestational diabetes, a condition in which a woman without previously diagnosed diabetes exhibits. more

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  • woman with crib

    Nesting 101- Hello Third Trimester!

    Right around the end of your second trimester and somewhere in the beginning of your third trimester, something magical happens in a woman’s pregnancy. This something magical is called "nesting." more

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  • Rose-colored  Onesies

    Rose-colored Onesies

    As soon as soon-to-be parents Marcy and Kyle Naismith discovered they were expecting twins — a boy and a girl — in 2012, their world turned pink and blue. A stream of gender-specific clothes, toys, and gifts started arriving.. more

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  • baby travel

    Safe Travel with Baby

    While traveling with baby can make a vacation or family reunion enjoyable, it can also require an entirely separate "to-do" list. After all, little ones need a little extra care when venturing to a new place. more

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