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What are you waiting for, mom? Become a breath of fresh air in your own life this spring. These time-out tips will help you put yourself first, today and every day. Read more

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The back-to-school bell will soon be heard above the sounds of pool splashes. So that means it’s time to stock up and go shopping. But how to get it all done with minimal stress? Read more

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Parents, do you ever wonder if we all may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? Read more

Feeling anxious about sending your child away to camp? Fret no more. This list of life skills will remind you of the reasons to send kids to camp in the first place. Read more

Valentine crafts the family can make together Read more

Crafts & DIY

Here’s an A-to-Z list of thoughtful teacher gift ideas (because they can’t use any more scented candles or pieces of jewelry ... and are too nice to tell you that): Read more


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A dozen daddy-daughter date destinations ... for Father’s Day and every day Read more

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In recent years, it's become clear that the advancement of women's rights can recede if we are not persistent, insistent, and assertive in championing them. One of the ways we remain a country of empowered women is by passing on what we have learned Read more


Stress, short-tempers, and the seeming inability of the household to function smoothly are typical signals that you may have slightly overdone it in the commitments department. So, you overscheduled your family. Read more


School, sports, after-school, parties, and social commitments – all of these things compete for your child's energy and attention on a daily basis. Read more


As parents of creative kids, how can we banish black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking about the arts, and tap into our expressive parenting power instead? Here are ten tips Read more


There are three words your mom can never hear often enough. And yet, the most common gifts that go with these words – flowers and chocolates – can become a little tedious.. So why not surprise mom this time with something she’s not expecting? Read more

Family Fun

We are living in an age of constant interruption. So when it comes to setting and accomplishing goals in the future, kids who learn how to concentrate and focus will have a distinct advantage over those who cannot. Read more


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