Valentine crafts the family can make together more

Crafts & DIY

Gifts that your kids can make this holiday season that won’t break their piggy banks (or yours!) more

Armed with Google and a glue gun, this parent was able to craft a fun and easy costume. more

The holidays are an especially high-waste time, with Americans throwing away 25 percent more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday season than at any other time of year... more

Crafts & DIY

There's nothing like the fun of tearing at colorfully wrapped gifts to make a celebration exciting for a kid. But for the environmentally-conscious, this practice can be cringe inducing. more

Crafts & DIY

Fall is in the air! With cooler weather upon us and more indoor play, it’s a great time to break out the fall crafts. more

Crafts & DIY

You probably have everything you need around the house to create these fun paper owl rolls . They’re great to make and then you can use them as decor around the house. more

Crafts & DIY

These felt owls are actually pretty simple. You’ll need a styrofoam ball and a lot of imagination.Try making one as an example for your kids and then let them create their own. more

Crafts & DIY

If you’re looking to keep your kids active and busy this fall, here is a few craft you can do with them.. Leaf Printing! more

Crafts & DIY

Whether you decide to share a legend about autumn leaves with your child, do some science, or make leaf crafts, the best way to experience the festival of fall color and the wonder of the season is to simply get outside and enjoy it while it lasts. more

Crafts & DIY

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