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Helping our kids make sense of money more

This Rochester dad wishes there were no gender divisions in play. more


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Scrolling through Facebook can be draining, especially if you’re having a bad day. I recently had the Facebook blues. That morning at work I sounded like Foghorn Leghorn reading a story on the radio. I spilled coffee on my pants... more

This issue Dr Amy Jerum discusses navigating the waters when your kid only sees the sharks and has advice for helping your shy kid deal with social situations. more


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My son, a high school junior, has been playing basketball for 10 years. After months of hard work through summer league, weight room, fall league, open gym, and even Sunday workouts with the U of R men’s team, sadly, he did not make his high school. more

Dear Dr. Amy: My daughter is 14. I don’t understand half of what she says, and I only hear her voice when she talks to her friends! I feel totally invisible. Any advice? more


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This issue Deanna King, The Cynical Mother, shares a heartfelt message about remembering all of the special moments with your kids because they go by way too fast. more

In this issue's column, the Cynical Mother is under snack attack! Her kids ask for snacks ... while still chewing other snacks. more

This month Dr. Amy's advice is about helping your kids learn to fail. more

There are five words that cause me extreme anxiety: I am a dance mom. more

This month, Dr. Amy takes on ... more

Over FaceTime and through Skype, to Grandmother’s house we go! more



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A dozen daddy-daughter date destinations ... for Father’s Day and every day more

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How do you make a good decision or form a sound opinion? For most adults, the answer is obvious. Find the best information you can from sources that have proved themselves to be reliable in the past. more


In recent years, it's become clear that the advancement of women's rights can recede if we are not persistent, insistent, and assertive in championing them. One of the ways we remain a country of empowered women is by passing on what we have learned more


In Alex Gino’s book George, the main character is a transgender fourth grade girl named Melissa who the rest of the world sees as a boy named George. Dr. Barbara Jean Douglass has some valuable advice about how to talk about gender with kids, more


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