Parenting Tips

Day camps come in all shapes and sizes, appealing to a range of interests and ages. Here are some tips for finding a camp that invests in your youngster by creating an unforgettable experience. Read more

5 tips to help your child expand their comfort zone - and learn to stretch outside yours as well Read more

Tutoring 1

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If you are considering engaging a tutor, your first questions may be “Who?” and “How?” Here are some tips for finding a reliable tutor you can trust and whose services fit your budget. Read more

Back-to-school Checklist 1

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The back-to-school bell will soon be heard above the sounds of pool splashes. So that means it’s time to stock up and go shopping. But how to get it all done with minimal stress? Read more

Goodbye Summer 1

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Changing routines can be difficult. Transitioning your kids from summer to fall can be difficult. One mother shares what she has gleaned from her experiences. Read more

Afterschool Activities 1

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Parents, do you ever wonder if we all may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? Read more

Talking to Kids About Money

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When a child begins to edge into adulthood, how do you make sure they have the knowledge and skills to make smart financial decisions? Read more

Helping our kids make sense of money Read more

This Rochester dad wishes there were no gender divisions in play. Read more

This issue Dr Amy Jerum discusses navigating the waters when your kid only sees the sharks and has advice for helping your shy kid deal with social situations. Read more

Dear Dr. Amy: My daughter is 14. I don’t understand half of what she says, and I only hear her voice when she talks to her friends! I feel totally invisible. Any advice? Read more

This month Dr. Amy's advice is about helping your kids learn to fail. Read more

Author Janet Schwan shares her tips for parents and grandparents teaming up to teach kids best behaviors. Read more

There are five words that cause me extreme anxiety: I am a dance mom. Read more

One mother's musings on growing up and letting go. Read more

This month, Dr. Amy takes on ... Read more

As a pediatric primary care provider and mother of three boys (ages 11, 11, and 13 – I know, right?), I get asked a lot of questions about healthcare and parenting. Here is a recent favorite: Read more



Renee Veniskey

A dozen daddy-daughter date destinations ... for Father’s Day and every day Read more

, feature

Tips on how to support parents of children with special needs Read more


Honoring Black History


Two well-known Rochesterians have generously shared their perspectives on the significance of black history for all Americans. Read more


YMCA 2020-2021 Preschool


ROC Summer Theatre Experience 2020



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