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If you are considering engaging a tutor, your first questions may be “Who?” and “How?” Here are some tips for finding a reliable tutor you can trust and whose services fit your budget. Read more

ArtsROC is a multi-faceted enrichment academy offering programs in music, foreign language, painting & drawing, anime, LEGO education, Minecraft, computer technology, computer animation, graphic design, film & video production, and STEM. Read more

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Parents, do you ever wonder if we all may be taking the whole over-scheduling taboo too seriously? Read more

Founded in 1921 by George Eastman himself, Eastman Community Music School was created to serve the community’s musical needs and educational desires. Read more

Looking for an afterschool arts program in your area? Check out our list of local organizations to find the right fit for your student. Read more

Pal-Mac PLAY

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Pal-Mac school district is a leader in exploring and embracing play in education to help young kids learn. Read more

How do you make a good decision or form a sound opinion? For most adults, the answer is obvious. Find the best information you can from sources that have proved themselves to be reliable in the past. Read more


In recent years, it's become clear that the advancement of women's rights can recede if we are not persistent, insistent, and assertive in championing them. One of the ways we remain a country of empowered women is by passing on what we have learned Read more


Studies indicate that kids involved in after school programs have higher achievement and attendance rates, are less prone to depression and burnout, and experience dropout less often. Read more


Mother-daughter relationships are a precious commodity that should be cultivated and cared for as the years go by. No matter how old your daughter may be, 3 or 33, your relationship with her is worth a major time investment. Make some special plans s Read more


When it comes to studying the ancient discipline of martial arts, there are many misconceptions abound regarding this physically and mentally demanding activity. Rather, there are have much more practical and pragmatic goals contained in lessons. Read more


If kids haven't transitioned back to school-year sleep habits, they're not ready for the first day. Read more


Avoid scurrying around the last weeks of August and pulling things together for going back to school. Plan ahead and dodge the rush. Read more


Whether you are the parent of a kindergartener, just starting in the adventure of his/her school career, or a veteran with children of high school age, there are many great reasons to get involved at your child's school. Read more


According to the most recent data, in the United States there are approximately 45 million children between the ages of 5 and 18 who lace up their cleats, don their jerseys and play competitive youth sports. Read more


In theory, playdates are supposed to be fun, but visits from friends can spark squabbles between even the friendliest of siblings. Read more


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